Vicki Ingram – RVN and Head Nurse

Vicky is our Head Nurse.

She qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2008 and is a clinical coach which means she helps and supervises our student nurses during their training. Vicky is interested in inpatient care and emergency nursing.

At home, she has guinea pigs, a bearded dragon, a tortoise, a rabbit, a horse and a cat.

Jenny Holt – RVN and Deputy Head Nurse

Jenny started nursing in 2006, obtained her Foundation Degree in Veterinary Nursing in July 2009, and became an RVN in January 2010.

She has previously worked in practices in St Ives, Helston and Redruth prior to joining Penmellyn in November 2009. Jenny is our Deputy Head Nurse and also has a role to play in the training and assessment of our student nurses.

At home she also has a British shorthair cat called Connie and two guinea pigs called Port and Stilton.

Sarah Buscombe – RVN

Sarah is one of our two nurses who work solely in our equine department. She started training as a veterinary nurse when she left school, initially as a student nurse for a year in a practice in Bodmin followed by two years in Wakefield.
Upon qualification in 1987, Sarah came to Penmellyn.
Outside of work Sarah also has an equine interest and has passed the British Horse Society Horse Owners qualifications levels 1-4.
Sarah has many animals.
These currently include dogs, horses, bullocks, ducks, chickens and a cornsnake.

Kathy Davies – RVN

Kathy says she can’t remember how long ago she qualified because it was too long ago. Nevertheless if is safe to say that Kathy has been in veterinary nursing for a long time and she is one of our most experienced nurses.
Kathy comes from Camborne and has a German Short-haired pointer and three cats.
She enjoys walking and going out in her campervan.
Her interests at work are within surgical nursing, radiography work and lab work. Kathy also has a role to play in the training and assessment of our student nurses.

Louise Dally – RVN

Louise comes from a farming background and qualified as a veterinary nurse in 1998. She has worked as a student nurse in Plymouth and at a Newquay practice.

She joined us at Penmellyn in 1999. Louise is one of our nurses who works within the equine department. She particulary enjoys working in the equine theatre and assisting with surgical procedures.

Outside of work she has three children to keep her busy while also enjoying riding (pleasure and endurance rides). She is currently teaching her daughter to ride on her Welsh section A pony. She enjoys walking her Labradors and has had a litter of puppies from one of them. Louise also helps out on the family farm when needed including the milking.

Stephanie Hunkin – RVN

Stephanie moved to Cornwall in order to work with horses and to see farm animal work. She has worked at Newquay Zoo and the Blue Reef Aquarium.

Her specific interests at work include diagnostic imaging and anaesthetics. Outside of work Steph is interested in horse riding and schooling and breaking in youngsters.

Steph one of our 9 Senior Nurse based at Newquay, and also working at St Columb Hospital.

She has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a Jack Russell terrier, a chihuahua, a leopard gecko and anoles, ferrets, a tortoise and chickens and ducks Her aims for the future are to obtain further qualifications in more specialised areas and maybe to undertake an equine veterinary nursing qualification.

Vanessa Batten – RVN

Vanessa qualified as a veterinary nurse in 1980. She grew up in Cornwall and went to Plymouth and Berkshire to train as a veterinary nurse before returning to Cornwall upon qualification.

Within the practice, she is responsible for stock maintenance and general reception duties. She particulary enjoys liasing with farmers with regards to their needs.

Vanessa holds the SQP qualification for companion animals, horses and farm animals.

Outside of work, she enjoys riding and walking. She aims to adjust the stock management system to further our quality service to our clients and ease of use for our staff.

Rachel Ede – RVN

Rachel did a foundation degree in Veterinary Nursing at Duchy college and qualified in 2013.

Whilst living in Canada for 4 years Rachel spent some time as a volunteer at the SPCA as a shelter assistant caring for hundreds of dogs, cats and other abandoned animals confirming her interests in becoming a veterinary nurse.

She has a keen interest in horses and is currently on the look out for a German Shorthaired Pointer as a buddy!

Sarah Darnell – RVN

Sarah joined Penmellyn in June 2013 and has qualified with a foundation degree veterinary nursing.

She enjoys all aspects of veterinary nursing, having a particular interest in inpatient care, theatre and laboratory.

In her spare time she enjoys walking her three dogs Trixie, Misty and Honey and riding her horse Squidge. Sarah is also married to a real circus ringmaster and travelled with a circus before starting to train as a veterinary nurse.

Molly Teague – RVN

Molly qualified as a veterinary nurse in May 2014 and started working at Penmellyn in September.

She enjoys all aspects of her job, especially surgery.

Outside of work she enjoys horse riding and has started skiing annually.

At home she has a Beagle called Effie, who is very naughty and doesn’t listen to anything Molly says!

Bryher Smeeth – RVN

Bryher qualified in November 2014 with a foundation degree in veterinary nursing.

She has a particular interest in caring for hospitalised patients and dental surgery.

Bryher has two dogs a springer and cocker called Poppy and Blue, and two cats called Harvey and Dave. In her spare time she enjoys horse riding, long dog walks and spending time with friends and family.

Christine Goddard – RVN

Christine joined the practice in April 2015 after moving down from Wiltshire. She qualified as a veterinary nurse in October 2013.
She enjoys all aspects of nursing particularly inpatient care and has a keen interest in wound management and plans to study this further.
Outside of work she really enjoys baking and trying out new ideas. She is planning to learn to surf and enjoys spending time outdoors and being at the beach.
She has a Border collie called Rolo and a Rabbit named Jerry.

Fiona Barrett – RVN

Fiona qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2008, and gained the SQP qualification in 2014. She is Cornish Born and Bred and worked and trained at Penmellyn since leaving school.

Having returned to the practice in 2015 after having her son “Jack”; Fiona is now part of the reception and administration team.

Fiona thoroughly enjoys meeting and greeting clients and their pets to the practice. At home Fiona also has two Black Labradors “Missy” and “Oakley”.

Charlotte Pearce – RVN

Charlotte started her second year as a student veterinary nurse in 2014. She qualified in October 2017 as an RVN.

She has a cocker spaniel called Bracken born in 2009, and a young horse called Milly.

Charlotte enjoys spending a lot of time riding during her spare time and also going on long walks with Bracken and friends.

Faye Taylor – RVN

After graduating with BSc hons Animal science (companion and zoo animals) and working as a zookeeper, Faye moved to Cornwall from Essex in summer 2014, to begin her veterinary nurse training and she passed in February 2017.

She has a black Labrador called Harvey, and three chinchillas called Sapphire, Oscar and Pearl.

Amanda – RVN

Amanda completed her Foundation Degree in Veterinary Nursing via Coventry University in 2017. After which she decided to move back to home in Cornwall and her family.

At work she enjoys the husbandry side of the job, caring for the animals in kennels and cattery as well as nurse clinics. In the future she would like to complete the Veterinary Nursing Equine certificate.

Amanda has two dogs x-breeds from the RSPCA, Bella & Bramble who she enjoys spending her days off with going for walks and playing countless games of fetch. In her spare time she enjoy being outdoors, keeping active and horse riding.

Clare Simmons – RVN

I began working for Penmellyn in March 2015 and started the diploma course in September. I qualified in October 2017 as an RVN.

I have a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever called Saffron, two British Short Haired Silver Tabbys called Poppy and Alfie, and my horse called Phoebe.

I have been riding since I was young and enjoy spending my days off with my friends and animals, combining them together is even better!

Megan Richards – Student Veterinary Nurse

Megan began work experience at Penmellyn in January 2015, and she started studying for the Vet Nursing foundation degree at Duchy College in September 2015.

Megan keeps very busy at home and has 4 cats, a rabbit and a very naughty, springer spaniel, Millie.

In her spare time, Megan and Millie like to explore Cornwall on long walks.

Billie Young – RVN

Billie started working at Penmellyn in July 2015 and started her FdSc Foundation Degree in Veterinary Nursing at Duchy College in 2014 and qualified in July 2017.

She has a BTEC level 2 qualification in animal care and was previously a volunteer at St Francis Dog Home in Newquay.

Billie has had a range of pets growing up including; dogs, horses, cats, birds, hamsters, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and fish. She currently has 2 dogs: a mixed terrier called Bear and a Staffordshire bull terrier called Bruno.

Helen Ford – Student Veterinary Nurse

Helen began work experience at Penmellyn in March 2016 and a few months later, she started working full time.

She started the diploma course in September 2016.

She has two Jack Russell’s called Millie and Maisie as well as many animals at home on the farm.

She likes to spend her spare time with friends and family, as well as helping on the family farm.

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