Tourism Tasmania launches an online competition

baby wombatAn online competition has been launched to find a ‘chief cuddler’ for a baby wombat.

The tiny marsupial is being cared for by wombat experts on Flinders Island in Tasmania, Australia. Just eight months old, the youngster has been named ‘Derek’ after being rescued from his mother’s pouch when she was hit by a car.

An online video of the very cute Derek has since turned him into an internet celebrity.

The competition is being run by Tourism Tasmania, which promotes the region. The winner will be flown with a friend from their nearest Australian capital city to Flinders Island, which they will spend three nights exploring.

Despite the promising title of ‘chief wombat cuddler’, Tourism Tasmania’s Phil Souter told the BBC that any access to Derek will be at the discretion of his handler and will be “very carefully monitored by his handler and carer”.

Much will also depend on Derek’s mood as wombats are “rambunctious little creatures,” Mr Souter added!

We had our own Australian visit in 2014 at Penmellyn Vets Padstow. Dr Chris Brown visited us for the filming of a series of Bondi Vet that was shown in February 2015 on Animal Planet.

Bondi vet Dr Chris Brown visits Penmellyn Vets Padstow
Bondi vet Dr Chris Brown and staff from Penmellyn Vets Padstow on Cornwall beach wearing wetsuits with surfboards
Bondi vet Dr Chris Brown visits Penmellyn Vets Padstow
Bondi vet Dr Chris Brown visits Penmellyn Vets Padstow

“Thank you to Charlotte”

I would just like to express my thanks to Charlotte who did the most fabulous job of bandaging Sweep’s feet after she badly grazed her pads charging around. The level of care shown was commendable and thank you for your improvisation in making waterproof shoes to cover the super pink bandages.

Worked beautifully.

Absolutely excellent. Thank you.

Ellen and Sweep

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